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Let us know your arrival time so that we can plan and prepare for your check-in in the best possible way

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We have a large car park and you may, if you so wish, drop off your passenger(s) and their luggage right in front of the Hotel entrance.
Our valet-porter will not spontaneously take care of your car and luggage, we will leave this up to you. However, if you would like him to do it, simply ask and he will be very happy to help you.



Bienvenue au
Château Hôtel Mont Royal

Following the french government decisions, a valid health pass (proof of complete vaccination within the right delay or a PCR test of less than 24 hours) is mandatory for all guest over 12 to access to the hotel, restaurants, banqueting and meeting areas and all public spaces. We thank you for your understanding.

As soon as you arrive at the Hotel, you will be asked three essential things for a pleasant and safe stay, that is respectful of others:

Wear a mask when moving around within the establishment

Wash your hands as soon as you arrive using hand sanitizer, and more generally, wash your hands on a regular basis using the dispensers available or wash basins in the hotel

Please keep a distance of at least 2 m from the other guests and hotel staff


Your room

Your room has been prepared and cleaned with the utmost care and attention. 

Firstly, we have taken care to remove anything that was not essential to your comfort. Bedspread, cushion, and extra pillows, as these are the health regulations that we were given. Please contact us if you need anything in particular.

A thorough cleaning has been carried out in strict compliance with the sanitary protocols that have been requested of us and, particular attention has been given to the disinfection of all points of contact (handles, remote control, switches, etc.).

For any questions or particular requests, dial 5025.


We are no longer allowed to provide products on a self-service basis in the minibar. However, the refrigerator is still available and, if you would like, we can provide the refreshments of your choice. “Minibar-hamper” offers are available, and you can find them on... For any particular requests, please dial 9.


The sanitary protocols require us to limit access and circulation in your room as much as possible. Consequently, our staff will not be coming to your room at the end of the day to carry out the evening service. If you would like us to come to your room or if you would like more toiletries, please contact the room service by dialling 3.


Papers, guides, and binders are forbidden in the bedrooms. Consequently, you can consult all the services available:
- Either on your telephone or tablet by scanning the QR code which can be found on your desk.
- By switching on the TV, on the information channel with interactive menus, informing you of the main services
- By downloading the Tiara Hotels application.


Catering service

The sanitary protocols require us to adhere to important principles that we would like to draw your attention to.


All services: breakfast, lunch and dinner require prior booking. While this is standard procedure for lunches and dinners, we wanted to emphasise that this also applies for breakfast, in order to avoid waiting due to the limited number of guests in the restaurant at a given time


We are applying the national health regulations, i.e. a distance of 1 m between tables, a maximum of 10 people at the same table when these people are part of a social group.


Our complete buffet will still be available, in order to offer you a wide variety of products. However, you can no longer serve yourselves directly. Therefore, you will be able to go near the buffet, with your mask on and while respecting the social distancing measures of course, and our staff will prepare your dishes for you.


We cannot provide you with menus that go from table to table. Consequently, you can:
- Either consult them on your phone by scanning the QR code on your table
- Or by consulting a printed and recyclable menu
Only the wine menu, which is too long to be downloaded or printed, can be consulted as per usual and our staff will ask you to disinfect your hands before looking at it.



You will no longer be able to see our employees’ smiles, just smiling eyes, as they will be wearing masks. Our masks meet the UNS1 (non-medical masks) standard and are certified by the DGA (Direction générale de l'armement - The French Defence Equipment and Support Agency).
All staff members are obliged to wash their hands very frequently, at least every 30 minutes, and whenever necessary.
We will make efforts to be as attentive as possible, making sure that you don’t miss out on anything, while maintaining certain distances, as required.
The dishes, cutlery and glasses are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.



While it is absolutely impossible to eat with a mask (some have tried!), you must wear one as soon as you leave the table, even for a short time. We are aware that this is not easy, but we ask you to help us to ensure that this rule is adhered to within the establishment. This rule does not apply on the terrace. For us, this rule is a prerequisite of our authorisation to work.



We are pleased to give you a free access to the Spa, including the swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi from now on.


In order to allow everyone to enjoy a pleasant moment in a quiet and safe environment, we invite you to respect a slot of maximum one hour in the peak period.

(LEVEL -1)


The gym is open.



Treatments are available as usual in our Spa Suite on the 4th floor in the same wing as the pool. We ask you to respect the booking times for your treatments.
The length of our beauty therapists’ arms, as slender as they may be, are not one metre long, and so both you and the masseuse will be required to wear a mask, as soon as you arrive in the Spa Suite and until you leave.
You will be exempt from wearing a mask for facials only. In this case, the staff member will wear a visor, as well as a mask.



Numerous leisure activities are available during your stay: cycling, tennis, boules, snooker, ping-pong, etc. All the equipment necessary for these activities is cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis and will be before it is given to you. If you decide to book a fishing session with our partners Hel’s Pêche in the lagoons opposite the hotel, neither you nor the fish that you’ll encounter will need to wear a mask (the fish are put back in the water, as it so happens).


Up to the age of 5 years old, children are not required to wear a mask. Over this age, the same health regulations as adults apply.


Your departure


Leaving already? First of all, this is not an obligation... We are happy to have you with us and if you feel at home at Château Mont Royal, why not stay longer? Discover our “Stay more pay less” offer...

If you still have to leave, take the time to check the bill, which, in theory, will have been sent to you by email using the address that you gave us upon arrival. It contains all the invoicing information in our possession when we produced it. Check it in the quiet of your bedroom, thus spending less time at the reception desk. 

Finally, so that we can thoroughly clean your room, according to the protocol in force, you must vacate it before noon.

For any questions, suggestions or comments, our guests relation is at your disposal; you can contact her by email:

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