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BENOIST RAMBAUD, Executive Chef at L'Opéra Gourmet Restaurant

Chef Benoist Rambaud started his career at Les Arolles*** Hotel in the Savoie Region followed by an experience at the Barrière Group: first at l’Hermitage**** in La Baule and later at the Royal**** Hotel in the city of Deauville, where he was named Chef of l’Etrier Restaurant in 1989.

The portfolio of renowned establishments was complemented by a position at Le Laurent Restaurant at the side of Philippe Braun followed by a 9-year experience at the Trianon Palace*****, first as a Second chef and later as the Chef of Les Trois Marches Restaurant, a 2-star Michelin restaurant. This fantastic experience gave him the opportunity to work with Gérard Vié whom he considers today as his mentor.

In 2005, Benoist Rambaud became Chef of Les Cygnes Restaurant at the Prince de Galles***** Hotel in Paris, before becoming Executive Chef of the Richard Restaurants 7 years later. 

Born in the Deux-Sèvres region and inspired by his grandmother's talents, Benoist is particularly fond of cooking John Dory and Sea Bass. Since the beginning of his experience at the Chateau he has undertaken to grow the long list of local producers and partners. 

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